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RMN Co fashion recycling tips

Share the love: practical tips to recycle your old threads

At RMN Co, while we love our fashion, we equally love the joy that recycling fashion in a responsible way can bring joy to our those in need and to our planet. We recognise to make way in your wardrobe for new, there are plenty of great ways to let go of the old. This is why we’ve put together some handy tips to responsibly let go of those pieces that no longer have a place in your style evolution.

  • Visit some of these leading retailers who have garment collection programs for clothing and textiles which can then be reused or recycled:

  • Donate to your local charities and op shops like The Salvation Army or Vinnies

  • Help women experiencing disadvantage, through organisations like Dress For Success and Fitted for Work. These organisations help to provide professional attire as well as career mentoring and development.

  • Find more helpful tips and info on things recycling on the PlanetArk website here


Equal to recycling fashion, we also believe in sending you your orders in the most sustainable way possible, which is why our mail bags are 100% recycled. Our mailer bags and product bags are also recyclable at any Red Cycle bin at your local Coles or Woolworths. To find your local red recycle bin click here.


While we do love that many retailers send little cardboard welcome notes or calling cards with your order, at RMN Co we will always endeavour to never send you any unnecessary packaging beyond was it is required to protect the quality of our products and get your order delivered safely.

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