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About Us

At RMN Co we believe that although fashion trends may come and go, your style is ever evolving.


We stock a specially curated selection of products - dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits, skirts and more - to suit any style, season and occasion. Think of us a great little boutique you find on your travels, rather than a big chain or mass marketplace!


We style. You glow! From lazy days on the beach to picnics with the girls or styling up for a special occasion, we've got on-trend effortless styles to suit you.

While we love our fashion, we equally love the joy that recycling fashion in a responsible way can bring joy to those in need and to our planet. We recognise that to make way in your wardrobe for new, there are plenty of great ways to let go of the old! This is why we’ve put together some handy tips to responsibly let go of those pieces that no longer have a place in your style evolution.

Share the love: practical tips to recycle your old threads

Thanks for glowing with us!



The RMN Co team

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